Cleaners at Siskon Siivous

Come and join our special forces of cleaning!

Cleaner’s work is extremely important and we want for all our employees to be proud of their profession and their work – every day! We are constantly looking for new cleaning professionals to join our energetic group. Keep on reading and learn what it is like to be in Siskon Siivous team.

Siskon Siivous employees create a group of cleaning professionals aka our special forces of cleaning. Cleaning is valuable work that has an impact in everyday life and the results can be seen on the spot. Cleaning enables functions in different kinds of spaces and we at Siskon Siivous do our work so that we can be proud of ourselves and our colleagues.

Siskon Siivous has cleaning jobs in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi, Porvoo, Tampere, Turku and all the areas near them. Get to know our available jobs at our recruitment site!

Lue työskentelystä suomeksi täältä!


Our work community


We take care of our workers since we understand our services are only as good as our cleaners! Siskon Siivous employees go through comprehensive introduction to cleaning work and all the employees are on Siskon Siivous’ payroll. This is how we can guarantee our cleaners holistic know-how and work skill and to maintain a great working atmosphere in the teams. We offer training possibilities and our workers can educate themselves to advance in their career. When we continue educating our workforce we get more knowledge and skills in our company and working for us stays meaningful.

We see every cleaner as a individual and we consider their life situation while planning for shifts and assignments. The supervisors are there for the workers and their most important task is to see that everything is okay with the cleaners. We offer all our employees competitive salary (no less than 11,02€/h) no matter the background of the employee.

We think that good work deserves thanks and we reward our workers whenever there is a reason to! We are the first cleaning company to introduce bonus system to our cleaners’ salary. Cleaners get retroactively one euro more pay from job well done. We have also After Work -events to all our employees to see each other outside of work tasks and to have fun with great company.

Our employees have been happy about the following facts

  • One can affect his/her work schedules and a personal life situation is taken into account
  • One gets a proper introduction and support along the career
  • Good work is acknowledged and rewarded
  • Each employee is offered a possibility educate oneself and to be promoted
  • Personal skills and knowledge are acknowledged and suitable work tasks are designed together

Our cleaners are professionals in their field


The features we wish from our cleaners are taking initiative, punctuality, conscientiousness and attention to details. With cleaning there are specific instructions and cleaning order so it is crucial to follow work methods and stages. Cleaner gets a lot of responsibility of their own work so it’s a great advantage to be prompt and have a self efficient grasp of work tasks. For example in hospital environment it is extremely important to clean protecting against infections.

Cleaning demands a good physical shape since there is plenty of maneuvers to get different surfaces clean. Especially in construction cleaning it’s good to have interest in physical labor and independent work tasks. Some of the jobs are done in pairs or groups and call for good team working skills. Driver’s license is a perk and in some cases needed for the job.

The skills needed for the job depends on environment where it is done, but here in Siskon Siivous the attitude and willingness to do your best are what matter the most. We communicate with our workers mainly in Finnish and in English but some of our supervisors can speak Russian and Estonian. We offer free Finnish courses to our employees!


We grow as a company and look constantly for employees


Siskon Siivous has over 1 300 cleaning professionals and our operation grows all the time. We get steadily new customers and we are looking for cleaners and supervisors to our cleaning team. Come and join our multicultural work team

You can find open positions at our recruitment site and you can connect with us and you’ll get an email whenever there is a new job opening. Just remember to apply for the job!

Please, fill out the job application at our recruitment site before coming to our office.


Get to know some of our cleaning special force:

Tutustu puhtauden erikoisjoukkoihin – Kayode, palvelupäällikkö In English!

Tutustu puhtauden erikoisjoukkoihin – Jenni, päivystävä siistijä

Tutustu puhtauden erikoisjoukkoihin – Linda, palveluesimies

Hotelliemäntä on hotellisiivouksen sydän


Welcome to Siskon Siivous special forces of cleaning!