Tutustu puhtauden erikoisjoukkoihin – Kayode, palvelupäällikkö

Kayode Adebiyiin voivat työkaverit aina luottaa.


Kayode on Siskon Siivouksen hyväntuulinen palvelupäällikkö erikoissiivouksessa. Kayode välittää aidosti jokaisesta työntekijästä ja haluaa tehdä työnsä mahdollisimman hyvin.


Coworkers can always trust in Kayode Adebiyi.


Kayode has been with us since 2011. At the moment he is one of our Service Managers in specialized cleaning and his job is to plan daily work shifts and more importantly make sure the workers are happy. He also sees that we are doing the best possible results to our customers and making them happy by doing the work that was promised.


Tell us little about yourself


I am a family man. I have a daughter and I cherish my family a lot. I try to work right and to the best of my abilities so I can sleep my nights with clear conscience.


How did you end up in Siskon Siivous


In July 2011 I walked in the Siskon Siivous office in Pukinmäki asking for a summer job. Since it was already July and the summer was almost over, they didn’t know if there was any work for me. I gave my info after the interview and they promised to call if there was need for any extra workers. The very next day they called me and asked if I could come in tomorrow. I worked at Siskon Siivous for few months and returned to finnish my school and graduate.

I graduated from my International Business studies and came to work at Siskon Siivous full time in January 2012. After two years I was promoted; first I became Team Leader then Coordinator and in November 2017 Service Supervisor and in 2021 Service Manager. While working in Siskon Siivous and completed training and got Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services.


What do you like most of your work?


I can help to the best of my abilities to motivate the workers and impact their lives. We have many nationalities here in Siskon Siivous and I like helping them. It’s important that I can do something meaningful and have a human contact with the workers.


What do you like most about Siskon Siivous?


I have previous experience in other cleaning companies. However I saw at the very early states that Siskon Siivous truly cared for their workers. Even now while we are constantly expanding our business everyone has the opportunity to grow. Siskon Siivous doesn’t just collect people to do cleaning forever but encourages us to educate ourselves and learn more to move forward in our careers.


How do you relax and get energy to do your work?


I love spending time with my family and friends. Classic music helps a lot to relax and calm my nerves after one of those stressful working days.


Describe yourself with 3 words


I call myself Mr. Efficient so that, reliable and kind.


What is your superpower?


My faith. I grew up in a christian family and had amazing parents to set me an example. My father was a lawyer and defended people and made sure that justice was served to all. I grew to what I saw which is kind and caring.


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